About Us

PGchoice.com is an online mutual support network for people working or studies in any sector. It's based in India and with long experience it help people to find the pg/hostel that matches their needs. 

We operate on behalf of the owner/tenants and assist them with searching, viewing, choosing. negotiating, renting and managing their PG/Hostel properties.

We know, finding the right accomodation for rent is a complex and lengthy process. It takes knowadge of the local market , competence and organization to avoid wast of time and disappointment. We amazingly easy and speed up this process and guide tenants/owner through a quick and perfectly suited rent or lease.

We belive in Three Principles:
1. Saving Time
2. Saving Money
3. Building Lasting relationships

We have been serving the needs of the Tourism industries/Service Sector in India since 2019. People can discuss their PG/Hostel property requirements like Rent and Lease requirement for Residential & Commercial Here.

Our Platform is designed to meet the needs of tenants, Room Rent and Hostel Owner of India like Student, working professionals, Business men & women, Short and long term stay, Bed and breakfast service and Much More

You can join us and avail benefits to our services and share your PG and hostel property here.
​​​​​​​For further Information you can contact us at [email protected]